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Life Wheel

Life Wheel

The Life Wheel is a powerful visual reflection tool. It assists people to overview the key areas of importance in life, to create a snapshot of their current level of satisfaction in each area, to prioritize what really matters to them now, and to commit to actions that ensure greater balance and increased overall satisfaction and happiness long-term.
The Life Wheel exploration is for those who want to increase their awareness of where they stand in life, make conscious choices of how they want their future to look like and move steadily towards an inspiring vision. 

The process

1. Select the Life Wheel Template 

Select the Life Wheel option from the available templates. Review the titles of each area to check if they are relevant. Rename if necessary using the text field option. You can add or remove areas with the +/- option on top of the screen. To edit (remove, rename, colour) click on the area you want to edit to mark it first and then do the desired actions.

2. Scale 

Rate each of the areas in terms of current satisfaction from 1 to 10 where 1 is ‘I am not satisfied at all” and 10 is “I am fully and completely satisfied”. How to rate? Click on an area to mark it first and drag the NOW slider to the number of choice. Change the colour if you want to at this point as well.

3. Create a vision  

Explore the desired level of satisfaction by rating each of the areas from 1 to 10, where 10 is “fully and completely satisfied”. How to rate? Click on an area to mark it first and drag the EXPECTED slider to the desired number.

4. Overview

Pay an overall attention to the whole wheel (the coloured area). Explore what stands out. What awareness emerges from seeing the big picture? What is to be appreciated?

5. Prioritize

Explore which is this one (or two) area(s) where if the level of satisfaction is higher it would positively impact the other areas as well. You can change the colour of that area to highlight it.

6. Commit 

Consider several realistic action steps that would raise the level of satisfaction with each area of priority. Specify the steps in terms of timing and accountability. Appreciate the discoveries and the new awareness created.

7. Act

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Download the wheel, keep it close at sight as a reminder and act daily towards achieving the desired vision.

Alternative explorations

As an alternative to “satisfaction” you can scale various other aspects “commitment”, “focus”, “clarity”, “time investment”, etc.

Do the Life Wheel exploration every six months to a year or at any time when there is a significant change in life.

In addition to exploring the overall picture of life with the Life Wheel you can create specific wheels for each of the Life Wheel areas. Use the available templates or create from scratch with the Blank Wheel Template.