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Blank Wheel

Blank Wheel

A visual facilitation tool that can be customised to any conversation that focuses on more than three different areas to achieve clarity, alignment, confidence, sense of control and focus. 

The Blank Wheel is an effective visual facilitation tool that enhances achieving clarity, balance, alignment, focus and commitment to actions of both individuals and teams. It assists coaches and virtual facilitators to customise the visual facilitation process so that to meet the needs of their clients being it one or many. It is best used to create an overview picture of various priorities. It is suitable for scaling multiple areas of importance in terms of satisfaction, confidence, commitment, clarity, completion, compe-tence, etc. The tool is flexible for adaptation and gives freedom to coaches and facilitators to be fully creative and in the moment with their clients. 

The process

There are many ways to create an exploration process with the Blank Wheel. Below is an example of how a coach can enhance awareness, clarity, vision and commitment using the Blank Wheels as a facilitation vis-ual tool. 

1. Select the Blank Wheel Template 

Select the Blank Wheel option from the available templates. The original Blank Wheel Template comes with 6 blank areas. Each segment can represent an area of importance in a given context. Each segment is named accordingly us-ing the text field option. Segments can be added or removed with the +/- op-tion on top of the screen. To edit (rename, remove, colour) click on the seg-ment to mark it first and then do the desired actions.
You can stop at this point if you are using the blank wheel for organised and structured note taking and/or for brainstorming. If you want to deepen the awareness, create an integrated overview and come up with a specific com-mitment follow the next steps in the process as described below.  

2. Scale 

Rate each of the areas in accordance with the context from 1 to 10 where 1 is ‘not at all” and 10 is “fully and completely”. What can you scale? Satisfaction, completion, commitment, clarity, confidence, etc. How to scale? Click on a segment to mark it first and then drag the NOW slider to the number of choice. If you want you can change the colour of each segment at this point as well.

3. Create a vision  

Explore the potential change and create a vision by scaling what is the desired level in some or all of the areas. How to scale? Click on a segment to mark it first and drag the EXPECTED slider to the desired number. Explore what will be different when this number is reached? What would the person see, feel, tell to themselves?

4. Overview

Pay an overall attention to the whole wheel (the coloured area). Explore what stands out. What awareness emerges from seeing the big picture? What is to be appreciated? What needs to change?

5. Prioritize (optional)

Explore which is this one (or few) area(s) of priority where if there is an active change that would positively impact the other areas as well. You can highlight that segment by changing the colour of that area.

6. Commit 

Consider several realistic action steps that would lead to a positive change in the selected area(s). Specify the steps in terms of timing and accountability. Appreciate the discoveries and the new awareness created.

7. Act

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Download the wheel, keep it close at sight as a reminder and act daily towards achieving the desired vision.

Alternative explorations

Alternative explorations:
Use the Blank Wheel to brainstorm and create a common vision with teams. 
Check out the Life Wheel template to create a wholistic snapshot of life. 
Use the Life Radar to visualise and evoke sustainable transformation in all im-portant aspects of life.
If a decision needs to be taken and there are several attractive options check out the Decision Wheel to enhance the decision-making process.