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Coaching Competencies

Coaching Competencies

Easy to use visual (self-) assessment tool to assist coaches and mentor coaches to integrate the Updated ICF Core Competencies into their professional practice.

The process

Step 1

 1. Select the Updated ICF Core Competencies Template

Select the Updated ICF Core Competencies option from the available templates.
Each competency is an area of the wheel.  

Step 2

2. Scale 

The definition of each Competency as defined by the International Coach Federation (ICF) is included in the Hint Area. Read the definition and rate the current level of coaching competence in relation to the professional standard from 1 to 10 where 1 is ‘not met at all” and 10 is “fully met and integrated”.
How to rate? Click on an area to mark it first and drag the NOW slider to the number of choice. Change the colour if you want to at this point as well.
For more details refer to the Updated ICF Competency model 

Step 3

3. Overview

Pay an overall attention to the whole wheel (the coloured area). Explore what stands out. What awareness emerges from seeing the big picture? What is to be appreciated?

Step 4

4. Focus

Explore which is this one (or two) competencies where if the level of integration between the current coaching style and the professional standard is higher it would positively impact the other competencies as well. You can change the colour of that area to highlight it.

Step 5

5. Commit

Consider several realistic action steps that would raise the level of competency with each area of focus. Specify the steps in terms of timing and accountability. Appreciate the discoveries and the new awareness created.

Step 6

6. Keep on coaching

“An image is worth a thousand words”. Download the wheel, keep it close at sight as a reminder and act with each coaching session towards achieving the highest level of professionalism.