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Team Health


Team performance health check. A useful tool for regular assessment of team growth and maturity. Very suitable for agile retrospective meetings. The acronym “WE MATTER” © sums up the eight key team performance health indicators.

The process

Step 1

Open the "Team Health" wheel

We formation
Engaging Goal Setting

Maximizing Ideas Generation
Aligning Decisions
Taking Activeness and Accountability
Exploration and Adaption
Recognition and Celebration of Success

"WE MATTER"© is a predefined tool with a remote team voting feature and a set of facilitating questions that appears on each participant device during the exercise.

Step 2

Start group session

Click on    icon to activate group presentation mode so that the team can focus on a shared visual. NB: A session code is generated and visible on the top of the screen.
Alternatively you can send each participant a link to the session using the Settings icon.  

Step 3

Invite participants to join session

Ask the team members to join the team session via computer or mobile device by opening c-wheel.com and entering their name (optional) and the session code generated when activating the group presentation mode (see previous step).
Thus everyone will be able to participate and also compare their own wheel assessment with the common one throughout the whole session. 

Step 4

Assess the team health

Once they access the session on c-wheel.com each participant gives their score for each aspect of the team performance using "WE MATTER"© on their own device. Predefined questions assists participants to rate each area of significance for a sustainable team health during a given period of time. 

Step 5

Discuss and agree action steps

The overview wheel will show the current team health status and the areas for improvement. To further facilitate the discussion the coach can ask questions such as:
What seem to be the first few areas where we shall implement improvements?
Why are they important?
What does success look like?

What could be done to progress with each one of the areas in the next 7 days?, etc.