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An image worth a thousand words

Easy to draw 

Use predefined templates or build your own coaching wheels in seconds

Easy to share

Share with a coaching client in real time as you coach

Easy to store

All sessions and wheels are stored at your private account

Easy to carry

Lightweight and available in all your devices

Easy to draw 

Make a custom wheel in a few clicks! Capture what really matters to your coaching clients in the most comprehensive and holistic form for the mind - the wheel. 

The platform helps you cut down the time to explain the tool to your clients. You simply create it as you coach and your client sees it on the spot. 

It is flexible and interactive allowing you to add as much wheel segments as your client needs. Just “dance in the moment” and create structures of clarity and wholeness for your clients.

Scaling of current and desired state in each area of the wheel is a piece of cake. 

Invite your client to choose a colour for their wheel or even make it bright and vivid by adding different colours to each segment. 

It is easy, interactive, saves time and leaves you space for coaching.

Use predefined templates or build your own coaching wheel in a seconds

Easy to share

Share real time with clients as you coach. Send a link and invite your clients to see the picture of what matters to them the most evolve with the conversation. 

Let them see their priorities getting clear and well structured.

Share the wheel with your clients and notice how the flow of awareness, ideas and decisions expands.  

Simply send a link and what you do with the wheel on your side will immediately show on your client’s device.

Invite to colaborete

Easy to store

All coaching sessions and wheels are stored at your private account for as long as you wish. Make your own organizing structure by clients or topics or else. 

Create your own stack of templates of life, project, decision-making or values wheels in advance and simply pull them out when needed. 

Store sessions, clients etc.

Easy to carry

The platform is lightweight and available in all your devices. 

You can create coaching wheels from anywhere in the world on your computer or any mobile device you wish. You can have clients see the powerful wheel visualization from all around the world on a computer or mobile devise they prefer. 

You can get together with a client or a team in person and create wheels on the spot that will enhance the conversation and focus the attention and will be immediately visible on the devises of all participants.

Lightweight and available in all your devices


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